I am not sure if it is just MY state fair..or all state fairs…but, I feel like I need to take several showers now to be clean. Anyone with me? We decided to go because if you go on a weekday between 11-1 it’s free to get in and free parking. So, why not. We went to walk around and get something to eat. We didn’t go last year and since we are moving I figured this would be the last time we got to go.

Got my boots on ready to go to the fair!



We got there just before 1:00 so it was pretty deserted. Rides opened at 2:00 and it filled up pretty fast.






After walking up and down the street we decided to get some lunch. Fair food scares me for the most part though! We found a local place that had a stand there with an area to sit down if you bought some of their food. My feet were killing me in my boots so I was happy when Bobby said he wanted to eat here. He got a catfish basket and I got a slice of pizza from a stand thinking..it’s pizza..how can they mess it up? OH MY GOSH it was SO GROSS! Bobby even tried it and said it was disgusting. I was mad because it was $3.50 for a gross slice of pizza!!! I just decided to eat some of Bobby’s fries and save room for a dessert.



After we ate, we did my favorite thing, we went and looked at the animals there for all the livestock competitions etc. A couple years ago we saw a baby calf RIGHT after it was born and watched it take it’s first steps. It was so neat!

Why, hello there!



Eat more chicken


This was SO FUNNY.  It was a duck pond someone built. They climb the ramp and at the top see the blue part? it’s like a slide. They slide down and free fall into the water. It was so cute to watch!


After we had our fill of cow manure smell, we decided to get some dessert and go home. I played it safe, opting for Bop’s frozen custard with oreos mixed it. No random fair dessert for me. I know Bops!


Bobby, of course, had to get a funnel cake. With Bavarian cream. I had one bite and that was enough for me.

Bobby proceeded to eat almost the WHOLE THING by himself before he started feeling gross and threw it away.


We found a bench to sit on while we ate and I took a couple pictures. This ride was crazy. not only did it fling you back and forth but you spun round and round as you were flung back and forth!

This ride is called Freak Out for a reason!



It started getting hot and I was definitely ready to go! We saw quite a few strange characters at the fair…I am not sure I would go after dark!

Now I feel tired and gross from the bad food and want to take a nap but need to do laundry.  Meanwhile, Bobby feels SO sick to his stomach he had to lay down!!! That’s what we get I guess!

TOMORROW is running skirt compression sock review! So make sure you come back to see me rockin’ my socks!


QOTD: What is your favorite food to get at the fair?