Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great day! Tonight our Sunday school class at church is tailgating at the local High School Football game and it is doubling as a going away party for us. How fun! I will be sure to bring the camera.

On to the review!

Yesterday I wore my new Running Skirts compression socks on our 4 mile run. It was a little warmer out than expected so they made me hot quickly, but oh well!






BWAHAHA! I wore another one of my big racing shirts on purpose..and of course had to pair it with a pink skirt to match my pink socks and hat!!! In case you missed the shirt discussion, you can check it out  HERE.

So…my husband doesn’t like to count when he takes pictures, hence me having one eye open in this next one. Thanks, dear.


Let’s try that again!


So, it took me a few minutes to get these babies on. It would have been funny to videotape. Boy were they tight! (yes yes, I understand that’s the whole point but still!) It felt really weird at first when we started the run  but I got used to it. They actually felt really good on my legs! We only ran 4 miles so I didn’t really get to test them out long, and we had to shower right after so we could get to the fair so I didn’t wear them after my run as some do, But I definitely think they helped my legs to not feel as sluggish and heavy during my run. I am going to test them out again tomorrow when we do 14 miles (yikes!) and I will probably talk about them again.

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about compression socks?