Afternoon all! I am feeling alive!!! We just ran 14 miles and I made some chili for lunch. It is a BEAUTIFUL day but started to get hot on the last four miles. Going into this run, we just wanted to cover the distance at an easy pace since we ran a half marathon a week ago today and have another on two weeks.  We got a late start, and had to drop off something to a friend first, but we finally got going about 9:00. The first four miles flew by, I was enjoying the run, and then, my knee started hurting just a LITTLE bit. Now, if you have been following along, you know I had no knee pain during my half marathon, but after, it hurt so bad and I could barely walk for two days. It stayed pretty stiff all week but didn’t hurt on my 3 or 4 milers this week.

      It wasn’t a bad pain so I kept going just at a slow pace, until we went down a hill. Crap! It hurt a lot more going down hill, so I started taking them slow and walking down some of them. I was mad because I was feeling GREAT otherwise. We kept on trucking and stopped at the car between eight and nine to get more gu, gatorade, and refill my water bottle. We took off again and Bobby was starting to hurt with 4 miles left. I was feeling good and wanted to go faster but being the nice wife I am I stopped and walked with him a good bit. 

    On the final two, I wanted to be done, it was getting hot, and Bobby was having a hard time so he gave me the car keys and told me to go ahead. OK! I picked up the pace and kept going, and he stayed close. I laughed because when we hit mile 13.1 we had beat our first half marathon race time in WDW! It made me feel good because we were NOT trying today so there is physical proof we are getting faster. Yay! We finished up the last mile and drove home feeling very accomplished. That is the furthest we have ever gone. Woot. I wore my compression socks and I felt great during the run so I guess they are helping? I finished feeling strong and I feel great right now! (I am sure I will be stiff later!)

     Last night, our Sunday School class tailgated at the local high school football game. it doubled as a going away party for Bobby and me. The weather was perfect and we had a great time!

Ready to go tailgate!



Yes I am wearing my hair down and yes that is rare!



Look what our sweet Sunday School teachers had made for us. They were chocolate and tasted as good as they looked. trust me! They know us all too well, don’t they?











Me and Leslie. She has been in my small group Bible study for YEARS. Going to miss her!





We had a lot of fun but it was over way too soon. Going to miss these guys. We have been in a class with most of them for 3.5 years. Super great folks!

Race photos are in from my half marathon, I will post some tomorrow, but now, time to ice my knee and watch some football! Have a great Saturday everyone!

QOTD: Have you ever had a knee injury? What did you do? Any idea what mine is? (outside of my right knee)