Good evening! I hope everyone has had a fabulous day! We did some more cleaning out at Bobby’s dad’s house and packing at our own house! We just took the girls for a ride on the golf cart, they love it! Now watching more football and cooking dinner. My Saints played well today, I am proud of them. Ok, on to the pictures. Sorry the quality is bad, I took a picture of the pictures on the computer, but, you get the idea.

This is one a friend took so it is of good quality. My leg looks so weird!



This was around mile five. As you can see, I am still smiling and thinking this is a good idea!



I don’t even remember anyone taking this one


This was at the end, right before the finish. I was in pain!



Finish line!


Sorry about the quality once again!

I know I said this before but I have some old track pictures from High School I found…hilarious! Hopefully I will get them scanned this week and get them on the blog. I look like such a nerd.

Sorry for the short post today has been super busy, I have barely even been on the computer!

Knee update: I am pretty sure I am having IT band issues. I pronate, it hurts more going downhill, all the classic symptoms. I have been icing, elevating, and foam rolling (painful!) as well as some other things so hopefully I will be good to go!

QOTD: do you ever get good photos of yourself at races? If you have one on your blog, link it up in the comments so everyone can see!