Hello! Hope everyone had a great day! I had a not so fun yearly female doctor appointment this morning and I was there waiting an hour and forty five minutes. Glad I am moving and will be going to a new doctor, it gets frustrating using your whole day…30 minutes there, 30 minutes back, 1:45 there waiting…gah!

    Moving on, last night my sweet Bible study girls were nice enough to throw me a little going away party! We had food, fun, and an art project! I really do enjoy art projects, I am just not good at them and I am not creative, but I tried! Here are some pics from the fun!

This is Stephanie on the left holding baby Kate, who belongs to Lauren on the right.


Also in this picture is Gray, here and her husband are also our two of our Sunday School teachers.


Our fun art project involved Christmas, my favorite! Everyone painted ornaments for me to keep to remember them by. It was super fun, even though mine were not cute, haha!



We had a good time painting and talking and making fun of each other inability to paint. I joked that some of these ornaments were going on the back of the tree, hehe. Here is the finished product. Love them!



We said our goodbyes and took a few pictures. Paige, our wonderful hostess, asked I not put her photo in because she said she looked bad (which she didn’t by the way!) but, she was there, too!




it was fun, I am so going to miss these girls! Some of us have been together for a long time!

Must move on to happier things before I get sad again!!! So, running…I ran 2 miles yesterday to test out my knee, and it was ok…but on my long run it didn’t hurt till 3 miles in so I am not sure how it really is. I went to the chiropractor today and asked him about it and he did something to my leg, then he pushed on a few places and I screamed! He said I am really tight and knotted up in several places all the way from my hip across my knee, and I need a deep tissue massage or Bobby to rub the fire out of it to loosen it up, and to keep icing and foam rolling. So….I am icing right now and I am going to get Bobby to work on it tonight. Going to try to run 4-5 in the morning, hopefully that will be a better test of how it is doing.

We have also done more packing…the kitchen is mostly done except for a few dishes and things we are leaving here for when we come back up every other weekend. The laundry room is almost done, too. we are getting there!

Have a great night everyone!!!

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QOTD: Are you crafty? What have you made?