Hola! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday-eve! I am currently suffering from information overload. We move TOMORROW and there is still so much to do! Despite the moving, Bobby and I stuck to our training plan and ran 6 miles this morning. We ran along the lake, it was nice, but warm. I took these on the golf cart the other day but this is the route we ran by the golf course before you get to the lake.




Must show this because it’s funny…Bella LOVES the golf cart, and leaning out as FAR as she can (we have saved her from near death several times now…) and she loves her ears blowing in the wind. Look how cute!


Ok, so we ran, and then Bobby took off to go lift weights and run several errands and he left me here to clean and pack. What am I doing? Blogging and drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie! I will get to the other stuff, I just needed a minute to chill….

It’s hard to think of what to pack…we will be back in two weeks, but, we also don’t want to leave valuables here since the house will probably be shown while we are gone. We are also trying to pack as much stuff into boxes so when our house does sell, it will be easy to get everything out and Bobby won’t have to take off work from his new job to pack up the house. We aren’t leaving until tomorrow afternoon so we have all day to load up the cars and make sure the house is clean. Whew!!!

Sorry this is so short but there is work to be done! Don’t worry, the next couple weeks will be crazy and I will have plenty of pictures to share! Hang in there! Off to Ice My leg then get to work!

QOTD: How many times have you moved? Do you enjoy doing it?