Afternoon all. I am a little bummed right now, my Saints just lost. They didn’t play well and got beat so it’s their fault so I am still really bummed. Anyway, We had a good time this weekend watching football and relaxing and hanging out.

Homemade dip and spice cakes


“Grandpa” with his grand dogs


Getting ready to BBQ hamburgers. (note, I am not ignoring my mom, she didn’t want pictures of her online looking “horrible” as she says!





They have a bird bath in the backyard and the birds come and splash all around it it. it’s really funny!


I have to go do some travel agent work and then it’s more football. Tomorrow my mom and I go pick out colors, etc. for the new house. I can’t wait! Don’t worry, I will bring my camera!

I also need to run 4-5 miles tomorrow. We will see! have a good night!


QOTD: What do you eat while watching football?

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