Happy rainy Tuesday! I tell ya, all this rain is making me so sleepy! Not to mention the garlic fries and half of a cheeseburger I had for lunch!

My mom and I ran some errands, and I went with her to vote, and we went to lunch at New Orleans Hamburger Company. I hadn’t been to this new(er) location so it was a nice change. I generally try to only eat beef one a week or so, and this cheeseburger hit the spot! It was so big I couldn’t even finish half, and it came with the most amazing garlic fries! They were so rich, I only had half of those, too.



Rain rain go away


One of my favorite blogs to read it N Her Shoes. I love hearing about all of Bobbi’s fun adventures and she just so happens to be an awesome runner! Anyway, I am totally stealing an idea from her because I love lists! Bobbi made a list of goals for the rest of the year, which is a great idea since we get so busy and a lot of things end up being thrown out the window due to parties, shopping, being with friends and family, etc. This got me really thinking about what I want to accomplish before 2010 is over. Here is my list:

1.)recover from this IT band injury

2.)run 3-4 days a week

3.)read at least two books

4.)volunteer for a charity or at church during the Christmas season

5.)cook 4-5 new recipes

6.)strength train 2-3x’s a week

7.)Read my Bible everyday. I try to read everyday but honestly 1-2 times a week I just forget.

8.)eat at home more, and at the table, not in front of the TV

9.)sell 4-5 more Disney vacations, or any vacations. (did you know I am a Disney Travel Agent?

10.)Make something for the new house. I am not crafty but would love to be! Suggestions?


So, there you go. if I remember, I will revisit this in January!

QOTD: What is something you want to have done by the end of 2010?