BBbbrrr! Good morning! It’s a chilly one here, and I am about to go out and run in it! But first, here is why I didn’t get to blog last night.

I left my parents house yesterday afternoon to meet Bobby at our builders office after he got off work to do plan sign off’s for our house. It took me about an hour and twenty boring minutes to get there, and I was so happy to get to see Bobby mid week!

Come to find out, the girl in charge of our plans went home sick and no one told me. oookkk….The construction manager was there so we still got to sign off, but, he had a lot of questions that only the girl doing our house knew the answers to so I was a little frustrated having driven all that way and have it not be very organized. Good news is, our plans were accepted by the neighborhood architectural review board and there is a back hoe on our lot about to start clearing trees, yay! I think it will feel a little more official when I see that they are making progress and actually doing things on the lot!

After the meeting, we went and ate in our new town at Olive Garden. There is a whole shopping area called The Promenade right at our exit and it is all very new and nice, so that’s where we went.




After dinner I drove back an hour and twenty minutes home and everyone was already asleep at my house. I was pretty tired myself, so off to bed I went!

I will leave you with these pictures I took of the girls on Halloween that I forgot to post! Aren’t they precious?!?




QOTD: Do you enjoy driving or hate doing it? What about long distances?