Ya….so…..yesterday was not so fun for me and Bobby. We had a very rough long run. If you have been reading my blog, you know I have been struggling with IT band issues for over a month. Well, you may also know we took off last week from long running hoping we would have a chance to heal up a little bit before attempting 16 miles.

I was actually pretty excited about this run because we were going to run along the lakefront and on the trace where I knew there would be tons of people biking and running and enjoying the day.

We got up at 7 hoping to get the run out of the way before lunch. We didn’t actually start running until almost 9 though due to a certain husband taking forever to get ready!

Anyway, we drove to the lakefront and I was pretty stoked about our beautiful scenery. If you are not familiar with Louisiana or New Orleans, here is a crash course. Go look at a map of the country or of Louisiana. You see the big lake in the bottom right part of the state? That’s Lake Ponchatrain. directly on the middle/south side of the lake is New Orleans. Directly on the north side of the lake is Mandeville. Connecting the two is the Causeway. It is a 24 mile bridge (longest bridge) and my family lives/I grew up in Mandeville close to the lake. On a clear day like yesterday, we could see across the water to some of the bigger buildings downtown.

Ok, now that you have had a quick history lesson, here are some pictures.

We started our run by running along the lakefront. Tons of people running, walking their dogs, etc.



If you look in the distance of this next one you can see the Causeway (the bridge)


Excited to tackle 16 miles!


We started off well and I felt like we could run forever. Then mile 2 hit, and I started to feel tightness in my leg. I ignored it and kept going. We then turned off onto another street and hit the Mandeville trailhead of the Tammany Trace. The trace is awesome. It goes on for miles and has several trailheads with bathrooms, water fountains, etc. There are trash cans and benches along the way and we felt very safe. There were tons of people on it, too! Here is the website: Tammany Trace.

After about a mile or so of being on the Trace, Bobby told me his foot was hurting him. Apparently he hurt it when he PR’d in the Jazz Half Marathon. He didn’t tell me, but it has been hurting him for two weeks. Great. We have my knee and his foot and we are only 3 miles into a 16 mile run. Our plan was to run to mile 8 and then turn around and run back to the car. We were both ok until about mile 6. Bobby stopped and wasn’t sure if he could continue. Crap. He was REALLY hurting. I was hurting too but not so bad that I couldn’t keep going. We took several walk breaks, and FINALLY made it to mile 8. We turned around and started heading back. This is when it got bad. My knee tightened up so much I was limping, as was Bobby. We must have looked so pathetic! the last 6 miles went on forever. We stopped every half mile to walk, stretch, etc. When we hit mile 13, we were walking more than we were running. Bobby would tell me to keep going and then I would and he would catch up. We went on in silence for a long time. at mile 14.5 we hit the first trailhead again and stopped to get water and Bobby went to the bathroom so I sat down. Big mistake. When we started going again, my pain had moved up to the side of my hip and I could barely walk. Bobby was practically dragging his leg behind him and I really was wondering how we were going to get back to the car. We hit the lakefront again and knew we had less than a mile to go. We walked. The whole last mile. I even had to stop a couple of times and just stand there because even walking was too painful. After 3 hours and 37 minutes, we made it to the car.

I really don’t know what to do. We still have 2 months until our race. We don’t know what’s wrong with Bobby’s foot, and I don’t know why my leg won’t heal. At this point, we may have to walk the whole stupid marathon. I am so angry and frustrated I can’t even explain it. I just want to be done with this race so I can say I did it, I accomplished my goal. I just hope I can make it to that day yesterday was the first day I TRULY doubted my ability to go 26.2 miles.

I think we are going to take a MONTH (yes a month) off of long running. We will pick up with 20 miles on December 11, then run 17 on the 18th, then 14 on the 26th, then 8 the week before the marathon. Are we crazy? is this a bad idea? I just feel I really need to heal….I will still run short distances during the week, maybe even up to 6-7 SLOW miles but nothing crazy. I was in so much pain yesterday, if I had to run 10 more miles to make 26, I would have had to quit. There is absolutely no way I could have finished.

Sorry to be such a downer but this is the reality of injury and marathon training! Trying to keep it real here Smile 

QOTD: Any advice for me? What would you do if it were you in my situation?