Can’t believe we did it, but my mom and I put up Christmas decorations today! (All but the tree) We woke up to POURING down rain, and were feeling kind of gloomy and my mom’s arm was hurting so I wanted to take her mind off of it. I thought putting on some Christmas music and pulling everything out of the attic would take her mind off of hurting and cheer us up a little bit!

Side note, my dad is probably going to flip out when he gets home and see everything out here haha!

This is about half of it.


Cute Minnie Mouse Christmas house of my moms.


Me with Santa! (please excuse the no makeup)


My favorite thing to set up, the Christmas village!




I know it’s a little early, but we needed the pick me up today. Plus, no way my mom can pull all of that stuff out alone, and my dad does not like doing it, and with Bobby and I going on our trip I needed to help before we leave, so today seemed like good a day as any!

Once we get the tree up I will take some more pictures, and then I can start wrapping presents!!

back to icing and stretching I go. I am determined to get better!!!

QOTD: When do you start putting up Christmas decorations?