More Christmas fun! Good afternoon, I hope today is fabulous for you! My mom and I finished decorating the house for Christmas by putting the tree up. As far as Christmas fun, this is my favorite day of the year aside from Christmas day and eve. Sadly, I didn’t get to put up y own tree with all my own stuff in my own house. I LOVE listening to music and looking at all my ornaments and remembering where they are from. (Whenever we go somewhere new we buy an ornament as a souvenir.) Well, there is always next year in our NEW house! We are going to put up a small tree in my bedroom but it just won’t be the same. Sad smile Anyway, I still had fun! Here are some pictures from the occasion:





We put blankets around the bottom b/c last year we broke a really nice ornament on the hardwood floor! I broke one this year in the BACK corner, the only place the blankets were not, but it was just a cheap green ball ornament so it’s ok. Smile




Some of my favorite ornaments:





pooped from all the “hard work”



I finally have some good running news! I have not run since my disastrous 16 miler on Saturday, but I have walked 3 times with my mom and I stretch several times a day, do some yoga poses, foam, roll, and ice. Well, yesterday I got my IT band strap in the mail, and I wore it today on our walk…no knee pain! granted, I didn’t really try running, but walking was fine, woo hoo! I may try an EASY 2 miler tomorrow with a long warm up and see if it starts hurting, and if it is I am stopping. it usually starts around the first mile or so, so we will see!

QOTD: Have you ever used any type of knee strap or sleeve for running?