This morning, Bobby and I woke up and embarked upon a distance we had never run before…18 miles. Eeekk! With the marathon less than a month away, and with us missing SIX crucial weeks of training, I was really worried about this one. Not only making the distance, but how my knee would hold up.


But, other than all of those scary concerns, I was ready to go!


We got a late start, about 10:00 or a little after, and it was in the upper 50’s but SO windy! There was a cold front moving through later in the day, sow e wanted to be done before the rain and cold hit!

We decided to do a run/walk ratio of 5:1, and on top of that, we would walk all of the downhills since that is what really aggravates my IT band. We started slow and I was in a good mood. There are a lot of hills, so we were doing a good bit of downhill walking.

We were doing great until about mile 12, Bobby’s hamstrings started to cramp up pretty bad and wouldn’t stop. I was still feeling great, so I would run on ahead of him and then he would catch up after he stretched out a bit. I honestly felt fine until mile 15. The last three were hard! I started aching pretty bad in my hip flexors and in my butt muscles, and the last couple miles my IT band started tightening up. I stopped and stretched several times during the run and that seemed to help. Poor Bobby kept struggling with his hamstrings, but we managed to finish in under 4 hours. It hurt, and it sucked, but I think we can at least FINISH the marathon now. Smile We are foregoing the 20 mile run, because we would have to do it this weekend, and I think we will be recovering all week! Plus, I really don’t want to risk hurting my knee and I don’t see it hurting me too terribly by skipping that run and starting my taper early.

We will probably do 13 next weekend and then maybe another 13 then 10, maybe 8, we will see. Anyway, I am so proud that we did it, and that we survived!! Now we just have the race and then no more crazy distances for me for awhile!

I hope everyone had a great day today and got a good workout in, whatever distance it may have been! Stay warm!

….and just for fun, here is another picture from the other day when my dad was torturing poor Bella!


QOTD: What’s for dinner? I am hungry after all that running!