So I know this is cheesy and not really a product etc. But this is what I am super excited about this week…my new house! I finally got to go see it for myself last night, it is coming along great. Yes, there are a few things that didn’t turn out as planned and I wish were different, but all in all it’s going to be a great house, and I can’t wait to move in!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. We were trying to hurry before the sun went down! We did the pre sheetrock walkthrough, so we are ready for some walls!

Come on in!


Sorry it’s blurry…they have our tub in!


The upstairs balcony off the master bedroom



They forgot one of the windows, so they have to go back and put it in. oops.


From the balcony you can see the lake and where the village center will be. This is a zoomed in shot


Looking straight out from the balcony


Hopefully some of the issues will be resolved and it will come together, but we are so excited to see it finally coming to life! It’s my favorite thing of the week!

I hope everyone has a fun Friday! My husband comes home tonight and tomorrow we run 13 miles. Smile

QOTD: What is your favorite room in your house/apt? I think I will be spending a LOT of time on this balcony!