Hello! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday! It is FINALLY cold and starting to look like fall here! I took a few pictures of some trees in my parents yard.




Bobby and I ran 10 miles this morning. It was supposed to be 13, but I made a boo boo. I wear a shoe insert in one of my running shoes because I have one leg considerably shorter than the other since my hips are so off, and it causes a LOT of hip pain. If you are a long time reader you may remember me talking about my hip pain. Anyway, This morning I wore my new running shoes for the first time and didn’t think to put the insert in. Well, my hip reminded me about mile 7 or 8 that I had forgotten. We hobbled along back to the house and made it 10 miles, but I was in a LOT of pain. Oh well. I don’t think it’s going to make or break me finishing the race.

Moving on, I have a yummy, easy, Christmas recipe to share. I made these for a Christmas party this week and they were a big hit! So simple but so good. All you need is this:

-M & M’s




-Preheat oven to 350

-lay pretzels out flat on baking sheet (I put them on parchment paper, too)

-put one rolo on each pretzel

-put in oven for two minutes

-remove from oven and press one M & M into each rolo

-put in refrigerator to harden chocolate


I am sitting by the fire, and it is making me sleepy. I may take a nap. Have a great evening everyone!

QOTD: What is your favorite Christmas dessert?