Welcome to 2011! I hope today has been a good one for you and your family! My 2011 was supposed to start with a 6 mile run…my LAST long run of marathon training! But the weather had other plans. It rained and thundered all morning, so we have to run tomorrow instead. We spent a lazy morning with my parents instead, had lunch with them then drove to our house in Mississippi to spend a few days taking care of some things. We are Mexican for dinner and went to the grocery store (where they have EASTER CANDY OUT! NO JOKE!) and now we are at home trying to stay warm. Let’s backup to our very exciting New Year’s Eve…

Partying like us crazy kids do…sitting by the fire with the dogs. This is humorous because Sassy HATES Bella. Sassy had the good seat closest to the fire, then Bella comes and starts leaning over toward her, but Sassy stood her ground and refused to budge. It. was. hilarious.


Last night of Christmas decorations. I love my parents house decorated for Christmas!


Look at our fun New Year’s hats!



Dad was asleep by 8:30

Mom was asleep by 9:30

We were out at 11:30. Woo. hoo.

People in my parents neighborhood were going crazy with fireworks. It sounded like they were blowing up the street from about 7:00 till well past midnight. Bella was not a fan and kept barking and growling!

The girls love when Grandpa eats because they usually get some food. This picture was cute. They are sitting watching him eat and he dropped a piece and they both looked down, but it is too far of a jump, so they didn’t know what to do or how to get to it!


Regardless of if you stayed home or partied all day and night, I hope you had a safe and Happy New Year! Now, it will take me until March to remember to write “2011” and not “2010”…..

QOTD: What did you do last night to ring in the new year?


Happy New Year’s Eve! I will be honest…Today feels like any other day. We aren’t big partiers so New Year’s Eve is usually pretty boring around here. It’s been raining on and off all day, so there will probably be a lot of unhappy drunk people in New Orleans tonight.

When I did a post on my one year blogiversary, I pretty much covered all of the big events that happened this year. So, as to not bore you with the same thing all over again, I thought I would just list a few of the more popular posts based on page views and comments. So, in no particular order, here ya go!

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As I think back on this year, I can honestly say it has been one of the hardest, if not the hardest year of my life. Some GREAT things happened, like I took up blogging and ran 4 half marathons and a few 5k’s. I also started training for my first full marathon. Some not so great things happened, too…Like Bobby’s dad passing away this summer, making the decision to close up Bobby’s law firm and move 3 hours away so Bobby could take a new job, as well as dealing with some very very tough personal things I have yet to share about on the blog. (No, I am not pregnant, and yes, we are both healthy.)

We are also still trying to sell two homes and build another while I am living an hour and a half from my husband at my parents house. We have laughed, we have cried, we have faced a lot together this year, and I can honestly say I am more than ready to close the door on 2010 and step into a brighter 2011. I do not wish anything away that has happened to me, I firmly believe there is a reason for everything and I try to look at my trials as a learning experience. God has taught me a lot this year, and it hasn’t always been the easy way, but I can be hard headed like that. Smile 

With that, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and post comments this year. I love reading and responding to readers, you are truly an inspiration and part of why I do what I do!

So, with that, I will wave goodbye to 2010 and, smile heading into the future. I can’t wait to see what is in store!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2011!!


QOTD: Do you have any big goals for 2011? Share!

Afternoon, I hope today has been pleasant! I have been a busy bee this morning! One of the things I have been working on is packing for my marathon trip. that’s right folks, I leave a week from TODAY! Very excited but very nervous as well!

Anyway, I am petrified I am going to do something stupid like forget to pack running socks or something so I decided to make a packing list and pack all my race day gear in a separate bag so it’s all right there and ready to go!

So, behold…THE LIST!

-Running shoes (MOST IMPORTANT!)

-running socks/compression socks

-running skirt(s)

-running tights

-long sleeved shirt

-short sleeved shirt

-tank top

-running outerwear

-throw away outerwear




-body glide

-athletic tape

-IT band strap



-multiple GU’s

-hot hands

-hair ties and clips



-sports bra


-chap stick

-needed medications

-band aids

-extra safety pins


-yurbuds (I probably won’t use)


-banana and breakfast bars

-arm band/holder for iPod/iPhone (I probably won’t use)

Is that all? I am probably leaving out something totally obvious but these are the things I have packed so far JUST for the actual race. WOAH that’s a lot of stuff when you think about it. I also will be packing things like other running shoes to walk around in after and before, foam roller, etc. etc. But I think this about covers the necessities!  Bobby and I have the luxury of driving so we can take as much crap in my monster SUV as we please. This is a MAJOR plus to us as a reason to drive!


QOTD: Did I leave anything off the list?

Happy Hump day everyone! It’s beautiful and 67 degrees here! I went for a walk with my mom and may go for a run in a little while. Tomorrow will be 74!

Today while I was walking with my mom, I started to panic, this trip and marathon have totally snuck up on me! We leave a week from TOMORROW! I haven’t packed or organized a THING! I decided it would be easiest if I made a list of all race related things and put them all in one separate bag away from everything else. Since my husband and I are both running, this could be a BIG bag!

First things first. Weather. Orlando weather seems to be very finicky in January. For example….

Marathon weekend 2007. This was on our honeymoon. note the shorts and short sleeved shirt. I am very cold natured, so you know it was warm!


Fast forward December 2007. I know its not quite January, but this was the end of December, Christmas week. it. was. freezing. So cold I cried and we left a park.


Fast forward, again, to January 2009.  I went with my friend Karen for a girls weekend and to watch Jen and Crystal run the marathon. The day of the race was warm and beautiful.

Me and Jen…I even got sunburned!


Karen, me, Crystal:


But…the day we left, was freezing!

Ok, and one more time…January 2010, I ran the half. It. was. frigid. in the low 20’s and sleeting/freezing rain.

Don’t we look thrilled? (Bobby, me, Jen, Jeff)


It was a FUN race but miserable at the same time. When the sleet stopped it just turned to freezing rain, pelting us in the face. Then we were soaked which made us more cold! I was cold for DAYS after the race!

I have been watching the weather like a hawk…praying for not to hot but not too cold temps. Could I be so lucky? We will find out! So, as you imagine, I am a little worried, and packing will definitely be a challenge! With that being said, I will come back tomorrow with a list of things to pack for a destination race. Until then, I am thinking mild weather thoughts!

QOTD: What is an ideal race temp for you?



Afternoon! I just got off the elliptical and am contemplating a run as well. I am so unmotivated right now! I thought while I contemplated I would share a recipe with you. I made this for breakfast Christmas morning and we ate it and drank mimosas. it was fabulous! This can be served hot or cold (I like it better hot!)

Cream Cheese Danish


-2 cans crescent dinner rolls

-1 and 1/2 cups sugar

-1 tsp vanilla flavoring

-2   8 oz packages of cream cheese (I use reduced fat)

-1 egg

-1 cup chopped pecans

-1/2 stick butter


preheat oven to 350.

spread one can of dough in greased 9 x 13 baking dish, pressing together seams and pushing to corners of pan.

Mix cream cheese, 1 c sugar, egg, and vanilla until a spreading consistency.

Spread mix over rolls.

Open second can of rolls and put on top like you did the first.

mix rest of sugar and pecans and sprinkle over tops.

Melt and drizzle butter over sugar and pecans.

Bake at 350 for 25 min or until golden brown.

I did pecans on half in case someone didn’t like or want nuts.



QOTD: What do you eat Christmas morning?


Well folks, it is officially taper time! Now, one would think a runner would love this time, be happy about this time, excited to not have to log as many miles per week. Well, it is quite the opposite! I am going CrAzY! As it is, I already feel less confident since I did 18 miles, but not my 20 miler, and with Christmas and all the bad food..I am just getting a little nervous about the marathon!

I was supposed to run 8 miles Sunday, but it was in the 20’s with crazy wind, so I said no worries, I will run Monday (today) well…it is JUST as cold today! So instead I am going to do 3 miles then try for my 8 miler again tomorrow, then this weekend I will do 6, with a couple of short runs next week. I can’t believe we are this close! I have worked my butt off for this race, and it is finally here. I feel like everyday I am losing fitness. I feel like I need to go out right now and run 20 miles. I feel like I should only eat fruits and veggies for the next two weeks. Someone make me stop!

I try to remind myself that this is my first marathon. my goals are to FINISH and enjoy it (at least a little bit.) I have no desire to kill myself reaching a time goal, or more importantly stress myself out over one. I try to remember that I DID run 18 miles, and even if I had to WALK the last 8 miles, I could still FINISH! (Hopefully this won’t happen haha!)

Legs, please please carry me for 26.2 miles!!!


Body, be proud of how far you have come in the past two years!


I wrote this post back when I was still having IT band problems, and I was doing a “mini taper” for a half marathon. I stated in the post I was hoping by the marathon I would feel confident in my training to get me though. Well….I have really REALLY been trying to tell myself that, but I think there is only so far I can go thinking that having NEVER run the distance before. I used to get so nervous running half marathons but now I don’t because I KNOW I can complete the distance. With no past marathon experiences, it is a lot harder! I know I will get more and more nervous as it gets closer, but I am trying to stay positive and have faith in myself and my training.

QOTD: How do you deal with taper madness?


Today marks one of my, if not my ultimate least favorite day of the year. The day after Christmas. a whole year until Christmas again. How depressing! I will try to cure my sadness by posting pictures from this weekend. We had a blast hanging out with friends and family, and I hope you did, too!

Christmas Eve:


baking all day!


My famous Snickers cookies I make every year:


Dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible:


My mom reading “Cajun Night Before Christmas”


Funny story. While my dad took a nap Christmas eve, Bobby painted my dad’s fingernails and he went all day and had no idea. Bobby, mom and me just kept laughing and he didn’t know why!


Christmas morning, opening presents! Bobby got me a new Bible (I got him one too without knowing!) and her got me an AWESOME new zoom lens for my camera!



Happy Birthday, mom! She is a Christmas baby!


Christmas lunch at my cousins house!



Merry Christmas from our family!




mom and one of her sisters


Lots of food



The pic above is all the first cousins on my moms side

below is back at home, Christmas dinner.




I cannot believe another year has come and gone. I JUST got used to writing 2010! I hope you had a special time with your families, with many great memories! Merry Christmas! I hope you feel as blessed as I do!

QOTD: What was your favorite part about your Christmas?