Ok I am going to try and think back in my brain and post from some races…

This was our first race. ever. It was an 8k called footsteps in hope. i was SO NERVOUS!
March 2009

Over Easter weekend in April 2009 we ran the Crescent city classic 10K in New Orleans with my family. I ran a 1:05 10K

Then at the end of May 2009 we ran the Magnolia meltdown 5k, very hilly course!

In August, we ran run for the Son, sponsored by First Baptist Church of Jackson = run downtown = lots of hills! in AUGUST in MISSISSIPPI. This was the most miserable race ever. I was drenched with sweat standing at the start waiting to go..the humidity was a nightmare! As you can see from this picture…

Then in October, on Halloween, we ran a very chilly strawberry classic. This is where I got my 5k PR

***Disneyworld Half Marathon January 2010
***Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half marathon, February 28, 2010

***March of Dimes 5k race, April 25, 2010

***Run for Life half marathon, October 9, 2010

***Jazz Half Marathon, October 30, 2010
Part One
Part Two


2 Responses to “Races”

  1. I love your polka dotted running skirt! It’s adorable!

    1. Thanks! It’s my Minnie mouse skirt. Definately my favorite one!!

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